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Guild Members: Register entries for 2019 Quilts By the Sea - August 2-3. Registration deadline is Friday July 5, 2019
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Registration is open only to members of Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild
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Youth Section
Youth entries must be registered by a guild member mentor for youth up to 16 years of age.
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Categories 1-19 may be professionally judged. Categories 20 and 21 will be judged by a member panel
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Please submit the photograph as soon as possible after you register the entry to avoid a big backlog in early July
Double Check your Entry
You can scroll back up to the top of this form to check your entry for accuracy. Please proof your entry carefully and correct any errors or misspellings before you click on SUBMIT
Receipt from Registrar
Within 5 days, you should receive via email a receipt for your entry which will contain your assigned unique registration number. Keep this receipt with your quilt so you will have the information needed when you bring your entries to Intake before the show. THANK YOU!
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