Grad Student & Post Doc SACNAS Chapter at UC Davis Leadership Application AY 2022-2023
Thank you for your interest in joining the SACNAS Board for the 2022-23 Academic Year! We are looking for innovative leaders that work well in a collaborative environment. If you are up for a challenging, but rewarding task, fill out the following form!

If you have any questions about the application, feel free to email

If you are a postdoc interested in getting involved with our leadership, please email us! 
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Officer Position Descriptions
(Fulfilled) President: Leader and spokesperson for the chapter, Initiates and presides over meetings, Oversees all group activities and assists in leadership development of membership.

(Fulfilled) Vice President: Assumes presidential responsibilities in the absence of the president, Oversees external affairs of the chapter (industrial relations, company tours, etc.), Oversees internal affairs of the chapter (campus relations, social activities, etc.), Develops and coordinates general meetings.

(Fulfilled) Secretary: Maintains complete and accurate records including memberships, minutes of meetings,
attendance, and chapter documents,  Registers chapter with the college/university each academic year, Tallies election votes.

*** (Open) Finance Chair : Keep accurate budgets, obtain PO’s for purchases, host fundraisers and apply for funding applications. Manages chapter finances by keeping accurate records of money received and disbursed, Prepares chapter budget for annual reports.

(Fulfilled) Chair of CC Outreach: Oversees outreach with local community colleges. Works directly with CC contacts to create and host events that will benefit the local CC students in the Davis/Woodland/Winters/Sacramento area.

(Fulfilled) Chair of HS Outreach: Oversees outreach with local high schools. Works directly with HS contacts to create and host outreach events that benefit the local HS students and engage the chapter members with the community in Davis/Woodland area.

(Fulfilled) Chair of K-8 Outreach: Oversees outreach with local Kindergarten - 8th grade schools. Works directly with K-8 contacts (such as teachers, principals, science educators) to create and host outreach events that will benefit the K-8 students in Davis/Woodland area.

(Fulfilled) Graduate Student Representative: Oversees recruitment and retention of graduate student members. Plans and hosts events for graduate students' benefit. Represents our chapter at tabling events. Works closely with internal affairs chair.

(Fulfilled) Postdoctoral Representative: Oversees recruitment and retention of postdoctoral members. Plans and hosts events for postdoc's benefit. 

(Fulfilled) External Affairs Chair: Manage social media account and website to keep information accurate and up to date!
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Positions you would like to be considered for (Second choice, if any)
Short Responses
Please answer the following questions. 2-3 sentences is more than enough!
Write a few sentences for each question on your motives for deciding to run for a SACNAS board position, including your experiences with SACNAS and previous leadership positions, if any. *
What skills or experiences would you bring to the role in the chapter? *
None are needed! A willingness to learn is also acceptable!
Please add anything else you would like us to know about yourself!
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During the academic year, we typically meet for one hour every other week for board meetings. Time commitments vary depending on each board position, expect around 2-3 hours a week outside of board meetings.
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