Second Saturday Hike, September 11, 2021
Indian River Park

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By acceptance of this agreement, I, the undersigned, agree to see that all necessary safety precautions are followed and will indemnify and save harmless the City of Chesapeake, its employees, agents, the Friends of Indian River and its agents from and against any and all claims, costs, damages, and liability and expense in connection with loss of life, personal injury, and/or damage to property arising from or out of any occurrence associated with participating in, observing, entering or exiting the event. _________ I, the undersigned, further certify that I have read the related Safety Precautions ( and Covid-19 Guidelines, including following CDC recommendations on properly wearing my mask when necessary: for Covid-19 Guidelines. _________ I, the undersigned, also hereby grant to the Friends of Indian River the right to photograph or videotape me, any minors in my supervision, and/or my property and to use these photographs and videotapes in its discretion. *
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