IVCSUN Spring Con 2022 Scholarship Form

InterVarsity is committed to helping everyone get to Spring Con. We strongly believe that a week at Campus by the Sea can be a life-changing experience and want to partner with you to help you get there!

Scholarships are available for students who are in need financial assistance. Please pay as much of a conference cost as you are able to, as we have limited resources to help you all! Please do not request more than you need!

Please fill out this application, and submit it along with the $77 deposit to secure your spot. If you need assistance with the deposit, please indicate how much you think you can pay in the form below.

Scholarship forms are due along with the ACTIVE Spring Con registration and submitted deposit by Saturday, March 9, 2022, at 11:59PM.

Awarding of the full requested amount is not guaranteed, but you will hear back about the status of your scholarship request soon after. When asking for a scholarship, you also agree to help participate in fundraising efforts for our scholarships.

Please email Meljon (meljon.salazar@intervarsity.org) if you have any questions regarding Spring Con finances or scholarships!
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Scholarship Needs
Please fill out in as much detail. This helps us get a picture of the needs available. Our goal is to give everyone what they need for Summer Con to be accessible to them. All responses will be kept confidential.
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Reason(s) for needing Financial Assistance: *
Scholarships are determined based on need so please be specific.
How much of the $350 conference fee (including $77 deposit) can you pay? *
Please consider how much you or your family can help pay, as the more you can help the more scholarships we can offer others as well! We want to have enough to help everyone!
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