2017 Alternate History Track Feedback
Overall Feedback for the Alternate History Track. 9 Questions total, 3 questions per section.
Part 1 - Track Organization
First up - some questions about our track in general. How we're run, our team, and generally how we organize our content
How did you enjoy the content overall?
In terms of panel content (i.e. types of panels, events, parties, etc. Not to worry, specifics are in Part 2)
Not Very Interesting
Incredibly Entertaining
How did our team perform on the track?
In terms of how our track's volunteers did (i.e. line control, ushering, helping out)
Amateur Hour
Consummate Professionals
Do you have any feedback on the track's organization?
By this we mean let us know what ideas you have about how we have the track arranged, what kind of content we put up, and generally how we run things.
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