BlueWaveNJ Health Care Flyer Handout General Availability
At least since the Republican all-out assault on the Affordable Care Act last year, voters
have been consistently saying that the future of American health care is one of the most
important election issue to them.

We have the possibility of flipping several previously Republican-held Congressional
seats in New Jersey to “blue” on November 6 if we can get out the facts. Large
numbers of independents and traditional Republicans, as well as Democrats are

Help us distribute our Health Care voter information cards in the swing districts. Each
card contrasts the specific positions of our impressive Democratic candidate in that
district with the record and positions of their Republican opponent on the major health
care issues.

Sign up below to take part and you will be contacted with specific details. Initial
information card leafleting will be at train stations and other public spaces where we
can hit large numbers of potential voters. There are many opportunities to participate.

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