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The data from this form will be used to compile an Intrepid Explorers directory of fieldwork researchers. Any data entered here, unless otherwise indicated, will be displayed online publicly. By creating this directory, we seek to make it easier for fieldwork researchers to connect with each other about specific locations, methodologies and fieldwork experiences. We also seek to make it easier for interested universities, societies, schools and others to know which researchers are willing to be invited to give Intrepid Explorer style talks.

Non-publicly available information:
More detailed information about your methods/fieldwork experiences that could help us signpost researchers to other researchers for advice and help, as well as identify researchers with particular expertise to invite to be part of/contribute to our activities.

We'd like you to indicate if you'd be willing for Intrepid Explorers to contact you about your fieldwork experiences for involvement in our activities. This could be for instance to request an audio recording from the field for inclusion in our training of fieldwork researchers, perhaps to ask you to be part of one of our training sessions or a public engagement event. You would not be obliged in any way to act on the request, we'd just like offer such opportunities (most are remunerated) to those fieldwork researchers that are willing.
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