Black Rock and Sage Music Submission Application
Submissions should be around 7 minutes in length, and in most cases should be single movement works, or one movement or song from a larger work. (Two movements may be submitted if they are no longer than 2 minutes each).

This year, all submissions must include an uploaded demo recording to be considered for the journal. This demo recording can be a simple smart phone recording in a practice room. A submission's recording quality (or lack thereof) will not effect its chances of selection. Only the quality of the performance will be taken into account. Demo recordings could be only an excerpt of the whole performance, and does not have to include any accompaniment.

All submissions must also be accompanied by a signed Instructor Approval sheet scanned and emailed to Professor Jonathan Armstrong ( before the deadline. You'll find a JPEG of that sheet below. Simply save the image and print it.

We welcome submissions from outside the ISU Music Department. If you are not affiliated with an applied music professor at ISU, the Instructor Approval Document is not necessary, and can be omitted from your application.

All student performances, including original compositions and arrangements, will be enthusiastically considered for inclusion in the journal. All applications must be completed along with an uploaded demo recording by 5pm on Friday February 16th. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED!

Dr. Bond and Professor Armstrong will decide which performances will make the journal this year, and participating students will be contacted to work out a recording session schedule.

Please contact Professor Jonathan Armstrong if you have any questions or concerns and happy music making!

Instructor Approval Document
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