Interest Survey: NCA Disasterville Activity Kit
Completing this form will help the National CERT Association determine how many Disasterville kits to assemble and make available for purchase at the 2022 National CERT Conference.
There may be an option to pre-order Disasterville kits at a later date, depending on the interest level from this survey.

Not sure what Disasterville is?
- See this info flyer: 
- Or watch this webinar: 
- And see Disasterville in action:
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Have you attended a Disasterville presentation at a previous conference, or watched the webinar?
Here is the link to the Disasterville Webinar if you have not watched it:
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You will help us design the kit by letting us know how much you are willing to spend on the kit. There are two options, "Basic" or "Deluxe" edition. These kits are being sold at cost. The cost represents the current estimated cost of the materials.
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