Application for Professional Learning with Studio Pathways
We teach creative process for social change. We provide a learning pathway to develop Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning practices in and through the Arts. (CRTLA) 

What are the benefits of working with us in the year ahead?
-Advancing equity through a restorative approach
-Developing cultural responsiveness and creating life-affirming environments for belonging
-Replacing discriminatory school policies and practices with social-emotionally conscious  learning and a lens for power analysis
-Developing the cognitive capacity of our learners  by incorporating the visual and performing arts
-Creating artful teaching practices for richer student learning experiences
-Deepening relationship, connection and meaning-making among faculty and staff

This intensive supports you in the development of structures and practices for leading professional learning and implementation at your school site. The Art of Facilitation is a two-day deep dive into power analysis, narratives, lineages and embodied learning for schools developing a deeper focus on equity and belonging.  It is an intensive that supports school administrators and leaders to implement the work of culturally responsive teaching and learning through the arts.                                                
Cost: $1250 for a Team of Two Leaders (Two for one)
"Do Your Lessons Love Your Students?" is a learning pathway to develop Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning through the Arts (CRTLA).  This course introduces and deepens practices from the cultural and contemporary arts and how they support conditions for meaningful learning.  Our weeklong intensive addresses race, class, gender, sexuality and power dynamics that exist within the frame of our US social context. This course offers applications through the arts that address social issues teaching and learning, advancing equity and belonging.  
We shape experiences that call on the strengths of the people in the room, activate shared wisdom and critically engage with systems, patterns, ideas and narratives that require a reckoning process.  Cost: $750 per Individual
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