Python programming course for absolute beginners
Below you'll find an outline for a Python programming course for absolute beginners. Read it and answer few questions I prepared. Thank you!

Module I: Get started and create a useful program.
Module II: Control your program flow.
Module III: Organize your program in a clean way.
Module IV: Master the most common data type.
Module V: Apply data structures.
Module VI: Practice on common algorithms.
Module VII: Re-use code of others.
Module VIII: Prepare for a project - debugger, Git, exceptions.
Module IX: Build strong password generator.
Module X: Prepare for a project - classes, OOP, user input.
Module XI: Build text-based puzzle game.
Module XII: Prepare for a project - HTTP requests, HTML, files.
Module XIII: Build web scraper for gathering job postings.
Module XIV: Get to know IT industry.
Module XV: Learn where to go from here!
Provide ANY feedback (good or bad) on the course outline above. Remember that each module will have its own lessons, which I didn't list here. This is just a general overview.
Do you know an online programming course with better organization and naming of modules? Please provide a link and explain why it is better. This will help me improve it!
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