Invitation to join: Mary Catherine Gebhard Promo Team
Not enough time to do full promo but want to be in on the releases? JOIN THE MASTER BLOGGER LIST:

I'm looking for voracious readers! I am currently forming a Promo Team and looking for interested readers to participate. You would get early access to my teasers, covers, and even books. In some instances, I would even send you paperbacks.

Spots are limited. Readers do NOT have to be bloggers.

- Members of the Promo Team must verify that they can review the book within 72 hours of the release date.

- Selected Promo Team members will be receiving an email from Mary Catherine Gebhard's personal assistant at with welcome email and invitation to Promo Team Facebook Group.

Someone who...
loves reading
loves sharing
loves reviewing
has time to do it all

Exclusive access to early info about my books, giveaways, and other fun stuff only for your eyes.


Members must review the book within 72 hours of the release date.
If life popped up and you simply can't review an ARC, you have the option to skip. You cannot skip twice in a row and still remain in the group.

Other than big things like cover reveals, pre-orders, and releases, how much promoing you do is up to you.

The more you promo, the more entries you get into the end of the month giveaway.

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*IMPORTANT please indicate below that you understand ARCS are not to be shared or sold and are used for review purposes only. On receipt of an ARC you are agreeing to post a review within 72 hours of release day. Failure to post a review or contact us to discuss a late review, will result in no longer receiving ARCS *
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