Save Stansted Library - Parish Council Survey
We appreciate you taking time to fill in this survey. Further information on how the Parish Council will use and hold your data is available here.
1. About you ... *
Are you a resident of Stansted?
Are you a regular user of Stansted library?
2. Would you use, or continue to use, the library when it moves into the new community building?
3. Would you or your child/ren consider using the library for any of the following? *
To order books for a club or reading group?
As a venue for a club or reading group?
As a quiet study space?
To attend a homework club?
To access public computers?
4. Do you consider professional library staff an important aspect of library service provision? *
5. Would you need help and advice on using the public computers? *
6. Would you join a volunteer group to assist the library in its operations such as consulting on books that could be stocked and assisting staff in activities? *
7. Would your family participate in organised activities for children for example Rhyme-Time and the Summer Reading Challenge? *
8. Would you use the library to access resources that would help you find a job or start a business? *
9. Would you be interested in helping to create a local history archive or resource centre? *
10. When would you be most likely to visit the library? *
Weekday morning
Weekday afternoon
Weekday evening
Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon
Sunday morning
Sunday afternoon
11. If you would like to make suggestions for additional services to be considered in our new library, please use the comments box below. If not, please submit the form.
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