Open Enrollment Application Out-of-District Students Current School Year 2020-2021
Instructions: Parent/guardian complete this form for each child. Students will be accepted according to the priorities established in School Board Policy. Information on the application must be current as of the first day of the school year for which the student has applied. If there is a change in your information, an amended application must be submitted. Your original submission date will continue to be used for priority purposes for the current school year. You will receive a phone call or email only when there is space available for your child. If there is not space for your child at the beginning of the school year, your child will be kept on the waiting list for the current school year. Please answer the questions below, and click submit, thanks.
Will the student be in
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Student Name
Date of birth
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Has the student been enrolled in Magdalena Schools in previous years
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If answered yes to previous question, how many years total has student been to Magdalena schools
Does your student have any special needs requiring accommodations through an IEP plan
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Does your student have a Section 504 plan?
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Has your student been expelled or placed on a long-term suspension within the last 12 months?
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If answered yes to previous question, please explain here.
Does this student have other siblings currently attending Magdalena Schools?
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If answered yes to previous question, please list names of siblings and current grades.
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I have read the School Board Policy and understand that Open Enrollment students will be enrolled on a space-available basis and may be dis-enrolled if an increase in students residing in the schools attendance area results in class size in excess of the state established limits. MMSD will not incur the expense of hiring additional teaching staff in order to accommodate Open Enrollment students. It is agreed that if the student listed above fails to comply with district policies and regulations, the student may be dis-enrolled. Any fraudulent information on this application or fraudulent information provided to Magdalena Municipal School District may result in dis-enrollment. Parent/Guardian: By typing your name and clicking submit, you agree to the above statement. *
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