#Blockchain4Good Initiative
Dear Crypto Traders,

Blockchain has been good to many of us for a while now, so us, the team at https://www.cryptotradercentral.com/events would like to start something that would help those less fortunate among us while earning some Karma points in the process.

Today we are starting an initiative, called #Blockchain4Good.

We are calling all traders, or simply people, that want to do a little bit of good for others, to join us in an effort to pay it forward and create miracles for the world's orphans.

During this process you will get to showcase your trading prowess, as well as showing that you care about paying it forward all while having fun with our awesome community at CryptoTraderCentral, and possibly earning some cool rewards too!

Discord e-mail you used to sign-up on https://www.cryptotradercentral.com/ and upgrade to VIP *
Retweet link *
Trade attempt options *
What date would you like to reserve for the trade attempt? (can also be coordinated on Discord with katmai) If you choose an answer here, please make sure the date is after 10th of August 2018, as that's when the trading attempts start.
At the end of the event, what would you like to happen with the initial VIP payment + your 20% share of the profits? *
To keep track of the event, please join us on our Discord by clicking the "Join Discord" button in the https://www.cryptotradercentral.com/ dashboard: https://www.screencast.com/t/kBmjvum3 --> #blockchain4good channel.
This is an event where we will create leaderboards, to showcase who the best traders were, so if you want to be showcased on the leaderboards, feel free to provide us with links to your social media accounts that you'd like others to see: Twitter/Medium etc.
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