Wellness Think Tank- 2018 Application
Welcome to the ALiEM Wellness Think Tank Application for 2018! We are excited to work with you, and we look forward to partnering with you to advance resident wellness. Please check out our website (https://www.aliem.com/wellness-think-tank/) to see our mission statement and plans for this year. Members of the Wellness Think Tank will act as the representatives of their residency program. Because the current Wellness Think Tank season will span all of 2018, we highly encourage junior residents to apply but will consider all applications!

Applicaitons will be accepted through February 5th, 2018 and residents will be notified of membership by February 12th, 2018!

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Describe a wellness project you are (a) currently working on or (b) would like to implement at your program. (Maximum 500 words) *
In addition to helping you with your personal or program’s wellness projects, the Think Tank will be working on a few larger projects. Below are a list of projects for the Think Tank this year. Please select all you would be interested in. *
Please upload one letter of recommendation from ONE of the following faculty members: Program Director, Assistant/Associate Program Director, faculty member on your residency Wellness Committee, or the Wellness Champion for your department. *
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