New Users for Noctua

All users that intend on participating in the Noctua open beta must at least be valid GOC users with permission to edit in Noctua. To that end, all new users, and users without permissions to login to Noctua, must have their information entered in this form. Entering information into this form does not give you instant access to Noctua. The information must first be verified by an authorized GOC member and pushed out to the production system. If the form is not being used in the context of a bulk sign-up before a meeting arranged by the GOC, you should create a ticket on the GO helpdesk ( so that somebody can review and manually input your information.

Expert users may directly use GitHub pull requests against the GOC user metadata at: .
Full name *
This is the full "real" name of the user.
E-mail of the user *
This must be the email address that the user will use to login with Persona. If this is not known, enter the user's most commonly used email address.
User identifier *
This shoud be your ORCID (e.g. ""). If this does not work for you, please let us know. Your ORCID can be created at:
Organization *
The organization to which this user belongs. E.g. UCSC, AgBase, GO, MGI.
Groups *
Please enter a space-separated list of the groups that you will be annotating for. If any of your groups do not appear in the metadata (, please contact the GO Helpdesk ( or a responsible party.
Instance *
Which Noctua instance are you interested in using?
Additional IDs (GitHub, etc.) *
If you have a GiHub username (e.g. kltm), you will need to add it here. Please ensure that you have the correct capitalization. Additional commentary may be added as well, depending on the instructions that you were given.
Copyright re-assignment to the GOC, currently licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0, *
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