CY Market 2018
at Stone Shed, Durbanville from 18 - 24 September (ending on Heritage/Braai day).
Please complete all the details requested to minimise future unnecessary communication.
Theme 2018: Patterns
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Please mark the category that best describes your business
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Option B - T's & C's
Each shop owner is responsible for setup, styling, restocking and managing through the duration of the 7 days. The market will provide a central pay point system that would give you as shop owner the opportunity to market your products and endorse sales. Sufficient lighting will be offered and personal electrical points will be supplied on request. If you can't be present or organise staff for your shop, but you do want exclusive shop space, your commission will amount to 25%.

NB! All product sales will go through the markets central pay point system. We provide credit card and SnapScan facilities. However... for exhibitors with more expensive items like jewellery and antiques we will provide personal credit card machines. Only credit card sales will be allowed and the exhibitors must keep track of all sales made. The credit card payments will go directly to the CY account and the exhibitors will be paid, excluding the market commission, 14 days after the event as normal.

Option C - T's & C's
All food stall holders, please make sure your stock, gas and float levels are sufficient through the duration of the daily set trading hours. A fine of R150 will be charged for each hour that trading stops.
General Information
Please refer to the General Information Page in Step 1 of the 3 step application process on the website for more details.
Final fase in your application - Step 3
To finalize your application, please make sure you return to the website and complete step 3 of the application process.

All the best and we are truly excited to see what patterns your creativity will leave this year.

CY Ladies

2018 Create your own pattern that will leave customers inspired!
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