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Thank you for becoming a member of The Writer's Room! Our monthly virtual workshops can help unlock your inner writer. Write, critique, discuss, learn and develop your writing skills in community with other teens and industry professionals. In addition to our FREE workshops, as a member, for only $25 per quarter, you'll receive valuable resources and benefits, including:

*A Writing Residency (a writing mentor, a publishing mentor, and individual manuscript evaluation)
*A volunteer seat on our Teen Editorial Board
*Participate in critique sessions
*A book signing event and interview hosted by #TWP on IG TV and FB Live
*Your completed work promoted on our social media networks
*Free cover art for your first publication
*Ten (10) book marks that match the cover of your first publication
*A free #TWP Writer's Notebook
*A free #TWP Reflection Journal
*Share ideas and have great writing-related discussions with our exclusive Discord community

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