UULM-MD Issue Survey - 2017
This is our annual Issue Survey. You may notice that it differs from previous surveys. Our goal is to learn how you would like to be involved in UULM-MD's issue advocacy.

In Section 1, we ask you to tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in advocacy. In Section 2, we ask how you would like to be involved in UULM-MD's advocacy on our priority issues. Our priority issues are: Climate Change, Economic Justice, Death with Dignity, and Criminal Justice Reform.

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Email address
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Phone Number
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Please list any state or federal legislators that you know and are willing to contact regarding UULM-MD priority issues.
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Which of the following advocacy activities have you participated in? Select all that apply.
Please rate the helpfulness of the following resources to your advocacy activities.
Very helpful
Not very helpful
Not helpful
N/A or did not use
UULM-MD website
UULM-MD Facebook page
Email alerts
Phone calls
Conference calls
Written materials/flyer
Materials made available through your congregation
Personal visits from advocates
Congregational activities
Rallies/group events
On which of the following topics would you like more training? (Check all that apply)
Which of the following organizations do you rely upon for information supporting priority issues? Select all that apply.
How would you prefer to be informed of news, events, and advocacy opportunities on priority issues? (Select up to three)
Do you have any suggestions for improving the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry's ability to serve your needs?
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