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Hola my beautiful ADHD soul, and A BIG WARM WELCOME to my ADHD tribe!

A little bit about me:
My name is Rebecca and I provide ADHD and Mindfulness coaching internationally and have coached several ADHD adults in one-on-one sessions.

I blend decades of researching my own ADHD and becoming a human experiment (combo type- 27 years deep in the game), my clients' and mentees ADHD, life experience, ADHD coaching and mastermind programs, and managing incredible neurodiverse creatives from around the world into my coaching style and into this program.

Together, as a team, we'll ditch that neurotypical manual (SAY ADIOS) and replace it with an ADHD-friendly one that is made just for you and by you. We'll explore the mystical world of ADHD in a virtual exploration playground, and I will support and guide you in creating a LIFEstyle unique to your ADHD personality and style.

If you're searching for a creative and soulful coach who will dive deep with you, make you feel good, help you understand your brilliant ADHD mind, while ALSO helping you find and flex those mighty superpowers, then click link to APPLY, and Let's do this DANG Thing!

Please note: Coaching with me will need more than money. You will dedicate your time,  energy,  ego, and life force to this process.

If this speaks to you then Please Scroll Down to APPLY and Let's do this DANG Thing!

My creative coaching style:
↠ Provides positive, strength-based support and encourage self-esteem (which is very important to us) with a creative twist to keep things interesting.
↠ Addresses core ADHD-related challenges such as organization, time management, impulsivity, task initiation/completion, dopamine levels, lack of motivation, procrastination, guilt, shame, overwhelm, routines, low self-esteem, boundaries, negative self-talk, prioritizing, structure, focus, distractibility.
↠ Guided ADHD breathing techniques, grounding, mindfulness, tapping, therapeutic art, vision board-ing.

Love your guide,
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