COVID-19 Screening Form
Please read the questions on the COVID-19 Screening page. By typing your name in this form you are agreeing to ask your child these questions every morning before sending them into school. STUDENTS MUST STAY HOME IF THEY ARE SICK.

Has your child had any of the following symtpoms in the past three days?
Shortness of breath, Difficulty breathing
Fever or chills
Muscle or body aches
Sore throat
Nausea or vomiting
Runny nose or stuffy nose
Recent loss of taste or smell

Has your child been directed to quarantine?

Has your child been indentified as close contact with anyone with Covid 19 or symptoms in the past 14 days?

Has your child traveled anywhere outside the United States in the past 14 days?

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Parent Name: (By submitting your name you are agreeing to ask screening questions DAILY before sending in your child to school) *
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