VB Summit 2018 | Mill Valley | Call for speakers
VentureBeat | October 22 & 23, 2018 | Mill Valley, CA

VB Summit is Silicon Valley’s most intimate invitation-only executive event, focusing this year on how execs are using a powerful form of AI & Blockchain and how it is disrupting the technology landscape across the globe.


Come hear the ways leading companies in various sectors – from fintech, to commerce, health, travel, retail, insurance and consumer services – have transformed their business with AI.

Build or Buy: Do you start a third-party technology solution or hire a bunch of very expensive people (if you can find them!) to develop your AI solutions? There's no answer that doesn't require a lot of AI experts, and no such thing as free. Here's how some smart brands figured it out.

Leveraging open-source AI: Major technology companies Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others are open-sourcing AI code that other companies can exploit to accelerate own AI solutions. We showcase some brands that are doing this, and how.

AI's impact on product development: The legacy approach to product development doesn't hold when developing AI solutions. The role of product manager is changing; It's one thing to draw up a wireframe for a mobile app; it's another to build a predictive AI system.

Beyond the Valley: Countries like China, Canada and the U.K. are emerging as significant development and talent centers for AI. And some regions have advantages over the U.S. And some companies, like Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu are offering AI products and services that are in some cases way ahead of what U.S companies are offering, and yet are relatively unknown. What are the implications for hiring, product development, organizational restructuring?

The virtual assistant matrix: The virtual assistant ecosystem is only going to become more powerful and more central to the way we interact with technology. How do companies wade through that ecosystem and make decisions on what conversational backends to optimize for between Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, etc.

Operationalizing: We will showcase the best examples we can find of how to make the AI magic happen, from defining the problem, to collecting data, forming algorithms, and then executing with a human in the middle (or not).

Corporate transformation: Machine learning is driving changes at all different levels, from tasks, to business processes (improving productivity), supply-chain optimization, marketing, sales forecasting, security, and even entire business models. How does the C-Suite stay out in front?

AI & Design: How AI will be the future of UX, now that interacting with intelligent software and devices — be it at home, work, in the car, or on the go — becomes more natural, intuitive and intelligent

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