Will You Ride With Us In The Future?
In light of new concerns regarding personal space in our world, we are looking to you for help in finding a place for the Green Tortoise within this new reality. With some insight from folks like you, we hope to continue bringing travelers to magical destinations.
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How likely are you to consider riding the Green Tortoise in the next three years? *
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How important is it that we perform temperature checks on passengers before a trip departs? *
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How important is it that we install onboard air purification systems (like those being installed in airplanes)? *
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How important is it that the use of masks be enforced collectively by the group? *
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Do you feel less travelers on the coach will lower the risk of transmission of colds/flu/virus? *
If we travel with a maximum passenger capacity of 24 passengers (30% fewer) would you be willing to pay 20% more for your fare? *
When do you envision yourself booking any travel again? *
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