FTS Volunteering 2019
For all of those interested in volunteering for this event, fill out this form and update Lauren (activities@apsasdsu.org) or Juneau (vp.external@apsasdsu.org) if there is any changes to your availability. We thank you for your willingness and commitment to volunteer for this event.
Please fill out this form by Friday March 22nd!
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If you don't have it, please download it! It will be our main source of communication during FTS.
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You can sign up for as long as you want to! *If you need to leave early for your shift, please note it below*
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You will not be guaranteed the position(s) you sign up for, but we will do our best to accommodate your preference(s). Also, stage Crew is an all-day commitment!
If you put Stage Crew, do you have any previous experience?
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