Nightmare Nights Dallas 2017 Volunteer Application
Fill out this form if you would like to assist the convention in becoming the best convention ever. In exchange for a few hours work each day, you will receive free entrance to the convention.

The positions we need help in are:

SECURITY: Give directions, hold doors open, smile at people, call Security Lead if any potential issues are spotted. If the issue makes you especially angry, contact Leatherneck instead.

CONVENTION OPERATIONS: Make sure every panel has the items it requires, including the panelist. Work closely with AV Department. Pick up heavy things and put them down again.

DEALER'S DEN: Care for our vendors and help them capitalize on our attendees. Involves bringing things from one place to another while trying to look important.

AV: Masters of light and sound. Can create disco lighting with a piece of string and a 40W lightbulb, while also fending off angry microphones.

GOPHER: General con potato, can be used for anything and everything. Usually involves heavy things and repeatable tasks.

REGISTRATION: The first person attendees meet at the convention, handles and sells badges.

MEDIC: First responders to any medical incidents at the convention. Must have either Local, or NREMT Certification.

OTHER: If you have a special talent not relevant to any of the other categories, please let us know, we might have a spot just for you!
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