DAC Voluntary Reporting Program (VRP)
This form is for data collection for the DAC Flying Club's Safety Management System (SMS). Members are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to share their flying experiences so we may share information and create training programs specifically tailored to the needs of our aircraft and our members. All information is welcome and will not be shared outside the club nor used for disciplinary action. If you feel that a FAA violation has occurred, in addition to sharing the information with us, you should also consider sharing that information with the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS). http://asrs.arc.nasa.gov/report/electronic.html
Date Flown
Only enter if different than today.
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Check the THREATS that you may have encountered on today's flight.
Remember, THREATS come at you! Check all that apply.
Briefly describe any threats that you experienced. Weather, Crosswinds, aircraft malfunctions, etc. Threats come at you and are a normal biproduct of the flying environment.
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Check the ERRORS you may have made on today's flight
Errors come from you and are a normal part of being human and gaining experience. Check all that apply.
Briefly Describe any errors you may have experienced. Too high or fast on final, bounced landing, wrong squawk code, etc.
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UAS - Undesired Aircraft State
Did the aircraft end up in a state that could have had an undesired consequence? Please describe and remember to fill out a NASA form if required. Not for MX items!
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Additional Comments
Please describe the event with as much detail you can remember.
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