IHI Scholarship and Special Discount Application
Thank you for your interest in attending IHI programs. If you would like to be considered for special discounts or scholarship funding, please complete this application and click submit below.

Discounts and scholarships vary by program. Check the Fees & Enrollment page of each program description under IHI Offerings at www.IHI.org to learn what scholarships and discounts are available for that program.

Please note that scholarships are awarded on an INDIVIDUAL basis and each individual interested in obtaining a scholarship/discount must complete an application in their name.

1) If you have not already, please create a user profile at IHI.org.
2) Complete this application and submit it to IHI.
3) You will receive a confirmation when your application has been received.
4) Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified about scholarship funding or the ability to enroll at a special discount.
5) If you receive scholarship funding or special discounts, you will be asked to accept or decline that funding within a limited period of time to allow others to receive funding that is not accepted. We ask that you respond either way.
6) IHI will register you for the program (or adjust your registration if you are already registered) and you will receive a confirmation by email. If applicable, you will also be given instructions to edit your enrollment so that you may choose sessions.

Note: For smaller programs, if there is a risk that the program will sell out, you should register for the program early in the process to guarantee a spot.

Questions? 617-301-4800

Step 1: Tell Us about the Scholarship or Special Discount You Are Seeking
Please note that scholarships and special discounts are available to assist with program registration costs ONLY and are not applicable for travel, food, or accommodation costs associated with attending the program.
Select which discount you are applying for. Please note that if you/your organization do not meet the criteria for the Special Discount you will automatically be considered for needs-based funding *
Indicate the name of IHI program you wish to attend. *
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Have you attended any IHI programs in the past? *
What do you hope to gain from attending this program? Please describe in detail. You may include additional information about yourself or your professional objectives, including prior involvement in health care improvement. If you are a student, please describe how this program relates to your coursework and how it would affect your overall program of study. *
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If applicable, please describe your financial hardship and indicate the amount of the registration fee that you and/or your organization are able to contribute.
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Step 2: Create a User Profile at IHI.org
If you receive and accept a discount or scholarship, IHI will need to register you for the program. In order to avoid additional steps in the process, we ask that you create a user profile at IHI.org if you do not already have one. Creating a user profile does not obligate you to accept funding or attend any programs. During the user profile process, you also have the ability to opt out of receiving emails from IHI.
I have a user profile on IHI.org *
If you are unsure, go IHI.org. Choose Login/Register. Click on Forgot Password and enter your email address. If you have a user profile, your password will be emailed to you. If you do not, the site will let you know so you can complete the registration process. Please note that an existing user profile is a requirement for enrollment in all IHI programs, so if you do not have a profile please be sure to create one at www.IHI.org/registerfull after completing this application.
Step 3: Scholarship and Special Discount Applicant Contact Information
Write full name, including credentials that should appear after your last name, as it should appear on a name badge. Enter one name per application.
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Email Address *
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Does your organization qualify as any of the following? Check all that apply. *
If you selected 501c3 with a defined operating budget limit of $5 million serving community-based populations please enter your organizations yearly operating budget and Employer Tax ID Number.
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Step 4: Complete ONLY if You Are a Student, Dean, or Faculty Member
Are you a student, resident, dean, or faculty member?
Student Major/Program of Study
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Student Year of Graduation
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Are you part of the IHI Open School community?
What is the name of your IHI Open School Chapter?
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What is your role with your chapter?
Students and Medical Residents: What documentation have you submitted to info@ihi.org for proof of student status or residency?
Thank You. Your application is not complete, and IHI has not received it, until you click the submit button below.
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