Myopia Survey
Dear Sir/Mdm, thank you for participating in this survey. This survey is to investigate the interests of Primary School students in Singapore as we are trying to find better ways to prevent myopia. If you are not a Primary school student in Singapore, please do not take this survey.

Thank you for your cooperation!

eg. Primary 1, Primary 3, etc.
Are you myopic?
If yes, how did you become Myopic?
If no, please select the last option
What do you like to do in your free time?
If your choice is 'other' please try to keep your answer in less than 2 words
Do you like sports or asthetic arts?
Is your past time playing computer games?
If yes, what kind of computer games do you like and why does it interest you?
State what genre of computer games you like: eg. Fighting, heroic, horror, etc. If no, please write 'NA'.
Your answer
Do you spend most of your time outdoors?
If no, why not?
If yes, please select the 4th option.
Lastly, how long are you on your laptop, computer, iPad, Phone, tablet, TV, etc. at home or outdoors daily?
Please answer as honestly as you can
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