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Terms & Conditions
1. This warranty of the equipment is valid in Malaysia and under normal household usage only

2. This warranty covers repair or at the option of CAELY (M) SDN BHD replacement without charge to the purchaser, any parts proved to be defective due to manufacturer defect, provided that the purchase of the equipment was made from an authorized dealer of CAELY (M) SDN BHD.

3. Request for warranty services within the warranty period must be accompanied with this warranty certificate and proof of purchase.

4. This warranty will be NULL and VOID in any of the following events:
a) If any term contained in this warranty has been altered or modified in any without the prior written consent of CAELY (M) SDN BHD
b) You do not provide us with the original proof of purchase, which must include the following information: name and address of our authorized dealer, date and place of purchase, product model and serial number
c) Under normal wear & tear condition
d) Misuse, abuse, negligence or accident howsoever caused
e) Fire, earthquake, flood, fume or water pollution, convulsions of nature or acts of god
f) Cosmetic damage (dent, crack, scratch & etc)
g) Corrosion, rusting or stains
h) Operating with incorrect or irregular voltage supply

5. CAELY (M) SDN BHD assumes no liability for the breach of the warranty beyond correcting the breach in the manner described above. In no event shall CAELY (M) SDN BHD be liable for consequential of loss, damages, including body injury, loss of use or loss of profits resulting from the products.

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