2020 HBHS Swim Registration
Hello. We are excited for another exciting swim season.

To register for the 2020 swim season, you will need to 1) complete this form AND 2) register yourself on Oilersabc.com.
These are two separate registrations; one is to build our roster, and the other is for communication and payment purposes.

Please complete 1 form for each athlete you are registering for swim
Email address *
Swimmer First Name *
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Swimmer Last Name *
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Grade level *
Gender *
If your student is a returning HBHS swimmer, please specify which team they practiced with last year. *
SWIMMER's primary Email Address (please make sure this is the email address the swimmer checks most often) *
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Swimmer Phone Number *
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Parent/Guardian's Names *
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Primary Parent/Guardian email address *
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Primary Parent/Guardian phone number *
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Does your student have a 0, 5th, or 6th period? *
Please indicate which AP classes you are taking- if you are not in any AP classes, please skip this question.
Is your student currently in either Club Swim or Polo *
If you answered yes, what TEAM is your student associated with?
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If you answered yes, what practice group level is your student associated with?
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If swimmer is registered for USA Swimming, please provide USS registration number: How Do I Figure Out My Child's USAS ID Number? 1. Birth Date o Put a “0” in front of any single digits 2. First Three Letters of the Swimmer’s Legal First Name 3.Middle Initial of the Swimmer’s Middle Name (If the swimmer does not have a Middle Name, put an (*) in that spot.) 4.First Four Letters of the Swimmer’s Legal Last *NameFor example, if Suzanne Taylor Smith was born 10/01/95, her USAS ID Number would be 100195SUZTSMIT.
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Please list any medical conditions the coaches should be aware of
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Have you taken the time to go to the Aquatics Website, and created an account with Sports Engine? If not, please do so before submitting this form. Ideally, all contact about events, schedules, meets, etc. will be through the team website at Oilersabc.com *
Parents/Guardians, are you interested in getting more involved by becoming a member of the boosters, or being on the board? *
Please have your student complete the concussion Test. To do so, go to www.impacttestonline.com/testing Enter Customer Code: xy2ty25u8q and click VALIDATE- Choose HBHS as the organization and click LAUNCH. When finished the Athletic Director will be notified directly; no need to print out a certificate of completion. *
Please complete the online clearance. To do so, go to https://athleticclearance.com/ Enter the site through the California link, and follow the prompts. If you have not yet done so, you will need to register first. **You will need a copy of your completed physical on hand to complete the clearance process. *
Seniors- Are you committing to a University in athletics? If so, please indicate which University and sport
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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