"Tell Them No!" An Open Letter to the University of Toronto

Meric Gertler, President of the University of Toronto
Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President and Provost, University of Toronto
Sandy Welsh, Vice-Provost Students, University of Toronto
Wisdom Tettey, Vice-President and Principal, University of Toronto Scarborough
Ulrich Krull, Vice-President and Principal, University of Toronto Mississauga
Andrew Thomson, Chief of Government Relations, University of Toronto
Rose M. Patten, Chancellor of the University of Toronto

Our request is simple: we urge the University of Toronto to stand with our tri-campus student community and say “NO” to the reckless changes to post-secondary education being proposed by the Ontario provincial government.

We know that reductions in our tuition fees must be met with an investment in public funding to post-secondary institutions. We also know that OSAP is a system intended to reduce financial barriers in accessing post-secondary education, not an “inefficiency”. For many of us, post-secondary education is no longer an option but a requirement as we move into a workforce that has different expectations, careers and pathways than previous generations. It is simply not possible to place the burden for accessing high quality post-secondary education on individual students and their families.

We are also aware that the Student Choice Initiative is a direct attack on the student unions, student clubs and student societies that the Ontario Premier has described as “crazy Marxist nonsense” for advocating for students and providing valuable services and supports.Student-run services create diverse spaces that allow students to thrive while we complete our academic degrees. All the services provided by student groups are valuable and that includes our work-study and part-time job placements, transit passes, food banks, free events and programming, scholarships and bursaries, drop-in centres, peer-support groups, funding for a huge diversity of student clubs, as well as health and dental insurance.

As volunteers, organizers, coordinators and executives who provide front-line services to students, we have a shared responsibility with the administration to support the 80,000 students across our three campuses. There is a rich tradition of students creating services and spaces that contribute to the intellectual, political and social fabric of this institution. The student experience must remain accessible to all students.

We know that U of T students are passionate, resilient and driven. We know that experiences outside of our classrooms have led to jobs in diverse fields, hands-on skills and training, networking opportunities, fostered independent thought and entrepreneurial spirits, as well as supported our mental health. More than that, these experiences build empathy and understanding for students from different backgrounds than our own and ensure that students are able to graduate with the interpersonal and social skills necessary to keep engaging critically and thoughtfully with the world around us.

These are qualities that we should all be invested in fostering for generations of students to come. We have a responsibility to ensure future student cohorts continue to benefit from the richness of campus life at the University of Toronto. The global reputation of the University of Toronto is a direct reflection of the experiences of students and alumni.

Now is the time for the University of Toronto administration to rise to the challenge, say no to the proposed changes, and protect campus life for future generations of students.

We invite you to join us in reclaiming post-secondary education in this province by saying “NO” to the changes proposed by the Ontario government.


Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students (APUS), Student Group

Association of Graduate Earth Sciences Students (AGESS), Student Group

Anthropology Students Association, Student Group

Bikechain, Student Group

Centre for Women and Trans People, Student Group

C.U.P.E. 3902, Trade union

LGBTOUT, Student Group

Muslim Students' Association, Student Group

OPIRG-Toronto, Student Group

Scarborough Campus Students' Union (SCSU), Student Group

Students for Barrier-Free Access, Student Group

UTGSU's Race and Ethnicity Caucus, Student Group

University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union (UTGSU) Executive Committee, Student Group

University of Toronto Mississauga Students' Union (UTMSU), Student Group

USW Local 1998, Trade Union

Joseph Choy, UofT Student

Janna Marano, UofT Student

Jerry Zhang, UofT Student

Rebecca Zifarelli, UofT Student - Arts and Sciences

Katerini, UofT Student

Karina De Lisa, UofT Student

Brett Lavery, UofT Student

Rima, UofT Student

Jennifer Coggon, APUS VP-Equity

Dala Al-Munajed, UofT Student

James Hopkins, UofT Student

Marina McKenzie, UofT Student

Milen Melles, UofT Student

Cheryl Quan, LGBTOUT Executive Director

Samantha Stead, UofT Student

Linda Fouad, UofT Student

Darian, UofT Student - Geography & Planning

Mala Kashyap, APUS President

Farrah Kabeer, UofT student

Vanessa Maloney, UofT graduate student

Fernando Mercado Malabet, U of T Student

Valeria Kabirova, Student

Hilary Ziraldo, Student- Arts and Science

Lidia Garcia Garay, Student

Sam Minden, Student

Zoe Kwan, UofT 1T7 Alumni

Annette Clough, Alumnus

Bailey Near, Student

Rowan Cancelliere, Student

Emberlee, Alumni

Lee Cameron, Graduate Student

Siyou Ma, Student

Shayna Sayers-Wolfe, UofT Student

River Pereira, Student

Nour Alideeb, Student

Simran Dhunna, Student - $15 and Fairness UofT

Fady Shanouda, Student- Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Farah Talaat, Student

Sarah Mohamed , UTSC Student - President of UTSC Engage

John Tang, U of T student

Danielle Sandhu, Alumna

Sarah Pole, Staff

Britny Rode, U of T Alumni

Matthew Lie -Paehlke, Graduate Student

Tadhg Morris, Graduate student

Simon Telky, Student

Duncan Broom, University of Toronto Student

Neha Moharir, Student - Equity Studies Students' Union

Daniela Burgos, ESSU executive

Mehar Sidhu, UTSC student

Frida Cerna, Student

Students for Barrier-Free Access, Student Group

Jenna Schall, Student

Siva Sivarajah, U of T grad student

Simon Vickers, PhD Candidate

Maggie Kennedy, UTM Student

Raymond Dang, Student - Director of Political Science at Scarborough Campus Students’ Union

Skyler Rebecca Michaels-Walker, Student

Lilith Benjamin, MMSt Candidate, Faculty of Information

James Tavares, Student - Vice President UofT Anthropology Student Association

Isaac Pilozo, UofT Student

Corinn Gerber, Student

Annie Antonenko, Special Student

Johanna Lewis, UofT alum

Valerie Beals, Student

Jeff Yu, Grad alumni

Avneet Sharma, UC Gargoyle Content Editor-in-Chief

Eriks Bredovskis, PhD Candidate

Corinn Gerber, Student

Fahiez Azizian UTSG undergrad student

Brenton Buchanan, PhD Candidate

Bronwyn Frey, U of T Student

Alexandra, U of T student

Ifrah Saeed, Alumni

Catherine Burzynski, Student

Monica Obregon, UofT Student

Lena Donald, UofT Student

Myera Iftikhar, UTM Student

Chanel Yearwood, Recent Alumni

Hadi El-Shayeb, Masters Student, UofT MSA President

Andrew Thomas, Student

Lena Schloss, student

Aqsa Alam, Student and Teaching Assistant

Kinza Ali, Student

Laura Dang, UTM Student

Anila Wahid, Student

Maria Khan, Student

Reet Singh, UTM Student

Melissa Fearon, Victoria College

Ifsia Zaman, Student

Felipe Nagata, President of University of Toronto Mississauga Students Union

Atif Abdullah, UTMSU VP External

Heeho Ryu, UofT Undergraduate Student - President of Anthropology Students' Association

Khaezyline Lagasca, Student

Arno Glasser, Graduate Student

Farhana Islam, Student

Miriam Lopez, University of Toronto student

Mais Baseet, Student

K McHugh, UofT Student

Lobna Mahdi, UofT student

A Adnan, U of T Student

Mary Boulos, UofT Graduate Student

Eszter Mucsi, Student

Jordan Lavoie, Alumni

Pedro, Student

Ashmita Roy, Student

Mitra Yakubi, UTMSU Volunteer Coordinator

Swikriti singh, UTM student

Javiera Ignacia Labbe, Student

Dylan Ali Nageer, Student

tarwah afrah, Student

Mehvash Saiyed, UTM Student

Milind Vishnoi, Student - Undergraduate

Mohammed Maarouf, UTMSU VolunTEAM Member

Leena Arbaji, Alumni

Nafisa Rahman, Sexual Education Centre

Rachel Peng, Alumni

Sadiyah Jamal, Student

Alexandra Volkov, 1T7 Alumna

Mridvika, Student

Tian Nie, UofT alum

Abi Osonowo, Student

Robert Fajber, Graduate Student

Brooklynn Whidden, Alumni

Najia Fatima, Alumni

Amy Conwell , U.of.T Student

Devika J. Singh, Student

Lina, Parent

Rima neisi, Student

Risa de Rege Student, alumna

Jordan Pedersen, UofT graduate student

Christine Balt, Student

Zaheer B., Student

Shamim Ahmed, PhD Candidate, DPSPH, PHS, UofT

Bogdan Smarandache, PhD Candidate

Qusai Hassan, UofT student

Kishon Thaveswaran, Alumni

Anna Kuznetsov, Student

Cameron Forbrigger, Student

Samantha Calleja, Undergraduate Student

Maria Rocha Abello, Student

Serra Willow Buchanan, UTSC - graduate student

Nazli Abhari, alumni

Zachary Lazzara, Student

Andy Zeng, MD/PhD Student

Jennifer Marshall, Graduate student

Matthew Delhey, Graduate Student

Emma McClure, Graduate Student and Course Instructor

Anne, Student

Mari Rossi, Student

Aida Khorsandi, Graduate Student, TA

Mara Raposo, Alumni

Ralph Callebert, Faculty

Rashi Asthana, PhD Student Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ruth Belay, Graduate Student, Department of Geography and Planning

Karl, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Bahar Ghadiri Bashardoost, Student

Aidan Morgan, Undergraduate Student

Nicole Cosentino, Graduate Student, UTSC

Gelila Tilahun, Faculty and Alumni

Catherine Scott, PhD Student UTSC

Arasteh Gatchpazian, Graduate Student

Justin Hubbard, UTSC Graduate Student

Sarah Shana, Graduate Student

Sarah Frazer, U of T Graduate Student

Jonathan Burnie, Student

Conor Anderson, PhD Candidate, DPES, UTSC

Menilek Beyene, Student

Korryn Bodner, Student

Lisa Labine, UTSC Affiliated Graduate Student

Teddy Cheung, UTSC PhD student

Katherine Balasingham, Student

Aisha, Student

Keuna Jeon, Student

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Postdoctoral Fellow, UTSC

Stephanie Gagliardi, PhD Candidate, UTSC

Da-Jeong Kim, Graduate Student

Beverly Bannon, Student

Paige O'Leary, Graduate Student

Patricia Semcesen, Student

Christian Kreis, Postdoctoral Fellow, UTSC

Roxy Fournier, Graduate Student

Abdus Shuman, PhD Political Science

Allie Ho, Student

Agneta Szabo, Student

Jaime Kearns, VP External/ President at APUS

Katharine Armstrong, Student

Emily Posteraro, MEnvSc Candidate, UTSC

Cynthia Nwabuokei, Graduate Student

Zahra Daarini, Undergraduate Student, UTSC

Zainab Sidiq, UTSC Student

Deborah, Student

NO, Woodsworth College Student

Manola Yvonet, Student UTSC

Hannah Mastin, UTSC Student

Hamad Shariff , UofT student

Anjana Sathies, UTSC, student

Yasmine, Student

Protichi Sarker, UTSC Student

Mantaka Muhee, Undergraduate student

Masheil Mir, Undergraduate Student

Ishmam Iqbal, Student

Kimberly Makeba Charles, Student

Mahima Alam, Student

Manhal Sultana, student

Shaista, Student

Maheen Khalid, Student

Zarin Subah, Uoft Student

Loren Vasquez, Student

Olivia P, Student

Khadija Sayed , Student

Mahnoor Khan, Student

Sohini Ghosh Dastidar, Student

Arjaye Carlos, Student

Safya Lachgar, Student

Azra Alavi, Student

Sandy Ma, Neuroscience

Smriti Paul, Student

Elena Basile, Faculty Member

Brock, Alumni

Carol Barros, Student

Myrto Koumarianos, UofT student

Mary Weedmark, Student

Tamara Vickery, Staff

Zack Sholdra, Staff

Sophia Magder, Student

Keenan Gibson, Student

Anne MacKay, Student Support Services

Victor Chen, Alumnus

Samantha Giguere, U of T undergraduate student

Dawn Walker, PhD Student

Abiraam Selvakumar Student

Yan Zhou, Ph.D. student, University of Toronto

Priyanka Pai, Student

Brenda McDonald

Tim Rodgers, Student

Megan Harris, Graduate Student, English Dept

Katherine Ilia Nicoll, University of Toronto, Student

Erin Seagren, Graduate student

Jessica Kirk, Graduate Student

Corey Stinson, Alumni

Naomi Litwack, UofT Student

Sydney Caskenette, Student, Arts & Sciences

Allen Chochinov, Student

Max Chipman, Graduate student

Elizabeth Phillips, University of Toronto Student

Matteo Colella, Student

Charlotte Wong Labow, Student

Shawna Carroll, PhD OISE Alumni (MEd and PhD)

Madison Trusolino, PhD Student, Faculty of Information

Emily Hayes, Anthropology Student Association

Sandra Erazo

Ken Wallingford, Graduate Student

Sydney Gram, Student

Jennifer Tran, Faculty of Music Graduate Student

Isabel Carlin, U of T Alumni

Daisy Enright, Student

Aisling Beers, Student

Sefanit Habtom, Graduate Student

Lynda Chubak, Graduate Student

Bronwyn Garden-Smith, University of Toronto Student

Ioana Dragalin, Student

Ailish N B Dunn, student

Lisa Howard, Student

Michelle Carranza, Student

Chris Charles, TRIUMF, UBC (Alumni)

Ampy Tolentinto, Staff

Barbara Sherwoood Lollar Faculty, Arts and Sciences

Colin Bray, Lab. Manager

Fatema Diwan, UofT, Student

Farren D'Costa, Because We Care, Student Group

Grant Henderson, Faculty, Arts and Science

Eric Mills, 7T2

John Gittins, Professor Emeritus, Geology

Alejandro G Rendon, Student at Woodswsorth College University of Toronto

Robart Barnab, Student's Ally

Ashmita Roy, Student

Mohmed Elkholy, Student

Oreoluwa Adara, Student

Rebecca Barclay Nguinambaye, Law Student

Quinn Conlon, UofT Graduate student

Grace Ma, Undergraduate Student

Jacob Harron, Student

Alex Cybulski, UofT PhD Candidate

Saehee Yoon , Undergraduate student

Jennie Greb, Graduate Student

Scott Moore, staff

Nahomi Amberber, Student

Rebecca Gao, Undergraduate student

Curtis McCord, Graduate Student

Yloiza Francisco, Student

Chelsea Clark, Student

Daizhenni Wang, Student

Joshua Wiebe, Graduate Student

Mattie Evans, Student

Hillary Walker Gugan, Graduate Student

Pierre-Yves Robin, Emeritus Professor, Earth Sciences

Theodora Tang , Student

John Liss, alumni

Lucy Fang, student

Kristen Bass, Student

Marta Gongos Student

Smiriti Shankar Student

Andalah Ali Undergraduate Student

Alisha Krishna Student, Students for Barrier-Free Access

Yurak Jeong Student of University of Toronto

Ismael Ghanim Student

Shakira Quarrie student and single mother

Sarah Finkelstein Associate Professor of Earth Sciences

Olga Klenova Student

Keeva Cyrus Student

Rachel O'Shea U of T Graduate student


amanda ead Student

Shelagh Joseph MT student

Sarah Durrant Student

Khizer Asad Student

Tamara Rayan UofT graduate student

Olivia Jordan Student

Lucy Wang UofT student

Frances Law Student

Amy Freeman Student

Lucas King student group

Madhu UofT Student

Teagan Netten Student

Kenya Hewitt Student

Vishala Maharaj student

Viviane Zilber Student

Clement Cheng Student

Carmen Leustean Student

Miriam Diamond Faculty, Arts & Sciences

Amanda Wedge Graduate Student / T.A.

Asha student

Charly Bank faculty member, Arts and Science

Mauriene Tolentino Student, Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Sandrena Raymond PhD Candidate

Glyn Narca Student

Bruce Henderson University of Toronto Scarborough Campus

Noah Kelly Student

Winson UTSC

Vaishi Suresh Student

Simar Moussaoui UofT

Dulangi Kapugama Student

Sumayah F Student

Craig Gauder Student

Willa ratz Student and staff member

MattheW Badali UofT Graduate Student

Trey Robinson Faculty of Arts and Science

Geng Wang student

Orli Broer Student

Tegwen McKenzie Student

Chris Huh Student

Thomas Pender Student

Yue Qiu Student

Mojdeh Eftekhari Student

Raha Student

Aqsa Kousar Undergrad Student

Julia Collins Student

Jarret Sorger Student

Emilly Renaud Student

Nina Flora Student

Bushra Boblai Student

Kristin Makulowich UofT Graduate Student

Anna Sokolova Student

Anna Nabutovsky Student

Nekki Forbes Undergraduate Student

Nolan L. Fontaine Student- Social Justice Education Student Caucus

Alec Butler Student

Christopher Loose Student

Caroline Stewart Student

Annanda DeSilva Staff member, Students for Barrier-Free Access

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