Trick or Treat Book Hop
Let's hop our way through this Trick or Book and find some treats to win. Over 20 authors are giving away ebooks and Grand Prize is a collection of signed paperbacks of different authors!
Here is how to play-
1. Go to each group below and join.
2. Collect the code words in each of the groups. There will be an image like the one above and the treat is code word.
3. Enter the code word on the form below from that authors group.
4.That is it! Submit and on November 1st we will announce the winner of a collection of ebooks and the signed paperbacks.
Good Luck!
These are some of the ebooks and signed paperbacks you can win!
Look for treats like these in each group. (Your Code Words)
Your Name *
Email Address *
Gina Manis Author- Gina's Elemental Romance *
Tibi Slick Author- The Transitioned Universe *
Maria Vermisoglou Author- Maria's spells - reader group *
Farrah Lee Author- Hawthorne Hideout: Farrah Lee’s Reader Group *
Mary Dean Author- Mary Dean's Rockers *
Stephanie Nicole Author- Stephanie's Starlets *
Alice Renaud Author- Romance Books Sweet & Spicy *
Sofia Aves Author- Sofia’s Sweet Sirens *
Lisa Kumar Author- Lisa's Fantastic Fantasy Fans *
Aldrea Alien Author- Aldrea Alien's Readers *
Krystal Pena Author- Faes & Furies: PNR/UF Book Club *
Margo Bond Collins Author- The Vampirarchy: Margo Bond Collins' Readers' Group & Street Team *
Jessica Avary Author- Jessica's Jems *
T.A. Moorman Author- T. A.'s Demented Divas & Henchmen *
Morganna Williams Author- Morganna's Mischief Makers *
Kallista Dane Author- Kallista Dane Romance *
Maren Smith Author- Club Risque' *
Isabelle Adams Author- Izzy's Island *
Colleen Baxter Author- Colleen N. Baxter *
Clairissa Sinclair Author- Clairissa SinClair's SIN WAGON *
E.R. White Author- We Read Romance *
Niki Trento Author- Silver Lake Pack *
Luna Pierce Author- Luna Pierce's Paranormal Addicts *
Anna Morrigan Author- Quarantined: A Boxed Set of Pandemic Proportions *
Quell T Fox Author- A Foxy Reading Circle - Quell T. Fox *
Letha Gene Author- S.I.N (shifters In Need) *
Tiffany Carby Author- Whiskers & Words: A Romance Reader’s Group *
Thank you for playing! Winner will be announced November 1st.
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