EVS Application at the Youth Association from Transylvania
We, the Youth Association from Transylvania are hosting 26 volunteers from Estonia, Hungary, Portugal and Slovenia for an approved project which has 3 flows for 9-8-9 volunteers coming in Each flow. The flows started on the first of September 2017, first of April 2018 and the third starts on the first of October 2018 and last for 6 months each.

These are the possible activities:
1 Recycling and up-cycling education manager
2 Support person for the Hosting Organization
3 Puppet Show Group Manager
4 Support Person for the Providence Association

The role of the volunteers within our organization is to act as support person to the activities and initiatives that already exist or that are being piloted in the community or our NGO. The volunteers will be housed in a rented house which has 5 bedrooms that have 1 and 3 beds in each.

Each volunteer will receive 120 € as food allowance and 60 € as pocket money each month. Everything else, including house rental costs, gas, electricity, water and internet costs, appliances and activity related costs will be managed by the hosting organization. International travel is also reimbursed. Volunteers will do their activities in a flexible way, for about 6-7 hours/day and 5 days every week. Two days are free every week and 2 other days are holidays every month. Beside these all regional and national free days and holidays are also considered free for the volunteers.

We are looking for any youth aged 17 to 30 who is serious and motivated to come to a small city and support us in the development of a community with a lot of potential. We do not require volunteers to have any pre-determined skill sets or aptitudes in order to carry out the activity, only an inquisitive demeanor and an openness to learn new things which may be needed for the activity, we only require them to have a basic skill in English and an openness to learn the local languages. Last but not least, we are looking for energetic, creative open minded and independent youth.

For anyone wishing to join us as an EVS volunteer, we will firstly require a CV and a motivation letter. DEADLINE for applying is the 11th of September 2018. These can be sent to sending organizations or directly to us at office.ata@gmail.com. Also, we require all candidates to answer the following questions. It will help us better understand your application for EVS in our Association.

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