Needham Parent Survey: March 2018
We are currently assessing our needs and planning for the next school year. We'd love some feedback from you that we may consider as we go through this process.

Also, we will hold an Information Night on Tuesday, April 10th, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Needham to share our plans for next year. Prior to this, we will send out a link for questions so that we can prepare to answer all of them. We look forward to talking with you.

Thank you for your participation!

What aspects of Needham's instructional approach do you believe are valuable for student learning?
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Please rate the following academic programs in terms of priority for student learning:
Low priority
High priority
I am unsure.
Spanish (or other language)
Field Trips
Fitness & Health
Social Emotional/Counseling
Please add any additional comments on the above priority list here:
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Please rate the following in terms of high or low priority for improvement:
low priority
high priority
I am not aware of any needs/concerns.
School entrance
Classroom furniture
Parking lots
School Perimeters: fencing and access
Multipurpose Room
Please add any comments related to the above facility ratings:
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What are the citizenship or character traits that you believe are most important for Needham students to learn?
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What is the best way for you to receive communication from the school--in terms of events, meetings, conferences, etc. ?
What type of recognition would you like to see for academic growth and achievement?
Please add any comments related to the above question on recognition:
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Any other comments or questions:
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