2018-2019 Local Control Accountability Plan Survey
Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete the survey below. The input you provide today will be invaluable as the District responds to the needs of students, parents and community members.
Increased student achievement
My student benefited from one or more of the following District school programs.
Full STEAM Ahead after school program (Serving in grades 2nd-8th)
Mesa's use of implementation from increased instructional minutes in grades K-8
K-8 Extended Learning Programs (e.g. Summer and Migrant Schools)
Addition of middle school Avid and Creative Writing Courses
Implementation of MTSS (Academic, Social Emotional, and Behavioral Interventions and/or Supports)
Implementation of All Day Kindergarten
Which of the following electives have increased your child's interest?
Parent Engagement
Please complete the sentence by checking one or more boxes below. I have partnered in 2018-2019 with the Mesa Union School District by-
Parent Engagement
Please complete the sentence by checking one or more boxes below. I have participated in one of the following school based activities in 2018-2019.
I volunteered in the following ways-
Students are connected to their school
Student Engagement: What school activities do you feel increased your child's connectedness to school?
Students are connected to their school
The District would welcome any additional comments about student achievement, engagement and volunteerism.
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21st Century Skills
My student demonstrates the following college and career readiness skills.
School Services
How are Mesa Union School District employees serving our school community?
School staff treat me with respect
School staff take my concerns seriously
School staff welcome my suggestions
School staff respond to my needs in a timely manner
School staff is helpful
School staff is available when I need them
Overall, I am satisfied with the support provided by Mesa School staff
The Impacts of Parent Engagement
Ongoing research shows that family engagement in schools improves student achievements, reduces absenteeism and restores parents' confidence in their children's education. Students with involved parents or other caregivers earn higher grades, score higher on state assessments, and have better social skills and show improved behavior.
What day or time would allow you to be able to participate in school committee meetings or activities?
Before School
During School Hours
After School
Would you be more likely to participate in school committee meetings through a virtual media outlet?
Parent Communication
The District and school utilized a variety of communication tools to update parents about school events, activities, and when needed school closures . Let us know what communication tools are the most useful to you?
Chime in! Should Mesa students wear school uniforms?
What did we miss?
Please insert questions or make comments that we may not have captured in our survey
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