CONVERSE Geodesy and IAVCEI Geodesy Commission Workshop Application
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Briefly summarize your relevant expertise, potential contributions to the workshop, and reasons why you would like to participate (<2000 characters). See the workshop information website for a description of its purpose. Your response will be used by the program committee to select a balanced set of participants if space is limited. *
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Do you need financial support to attend the workshop? If selected, partial financial support would include up to 2 nights of lodging at the hotel hosting the workshop and support for air/ground travel round trip to Portland, OR. Participants will be responsible for any additional costs. Level of possible support will be decided based on number of applicants in need. Note that a lack of need for financial support does not guarantee that an application will be accepted. *
Q7 Are you willing to share a double room with another workshop participant? Willingness to do so is not required or used to evaluate applications. It is used for budgetary planning. *
If you are willing to share a room, do you have a preferred roommate? If so, please fill in their name. Accommodation of preferences is not guaranteed but it will be considered. If unwilling to share a room or have no preference please enter "N/A". *
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