United Kingdom Government Camp 2018 lottery
#GovCamp is a conference with no set agenda, i.e. an unconference / open space event.

The theme is public sector digital, data, technology and operations.

It is run by volunteers (we).

This is a lottery
We cannot guarantee you a place.

The lottery will close at 23:59 Tuesday 31 October 2017.

We will:
* be reaching out and promoting the lottery so that the most diverse range of people get the opportunity of having a ticket as possible. To help us do this, we are asking more optional questions on diversity and inclusion.
* take an even handed approach to gender ticketing we have made this question mandatory to enable us to do that.
* publish the results at an aggregate level, for the lottery, tickets and attendees
* provide a lists of twitter ids and possibly first names
* licence the data appropriately so anyone can access, use and share it
* select 200 people at random to attend #GovCamp on 20 January 2018
* ask you to claim your ticket if you have been successful
* reasign any unclaimed tickets

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Would you like to be a Camp Maker on 20 January 2018?
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