The Hacker's Meet-up India Webinar
Want to meet Hackers? This event is fully focused on Cyber Security research of Independent security researchers. who finds vulnerability, gain knowledge and try to do something out of the box with his enthusiasm, hard work and love for security.

Aim of this event is to share knowledge with other, aware people about cyber security, deep dive into security profession and build a "Hackers Society " community in India.

Doing #SocialDistancing, Stuck at Home? This doesn't mean you have to be isolated from your community. Get rid of Boredom, We are hosting "The Hackers Meetup" India Special edition One of its kind Nation-Wide Webinar, Initiative by Comexpo cyber security Foundation, Supported by Open Source Fest, Community Partner Open Source Weekend, Outreach Partner LogOut The Cyber Awareness Campaign, Knowledge Partner Centre For Cyber and Information Security, Media Partner Security Shots.

We are having amazing Topics & Speakers as followed, Lets talk about #Hacking #HackTalk .

1. TBA : TBA
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5. TBA : TBA
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Date : 19/07/2020
Time: 10.00 AM to 02.00 PM
Venue: Online

We have limited 100 seats only, so it will be Members Only (Rights of Admission Reserved) and Registration is compulsory for every individual (No Group Registration). we will share the unique link to attend the Webinar.

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Don't you dare to miss India's Most wanted event, "Aaoge Nahi to Pachtaoge"

By the Hackers For the Hackers - "Happy Hacking"
"Event is free for all, open for all, no hidden charges"
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