The Still Watchtower Downtime Submissions
This form is for our AZ-010-D players to submit downtimes for our Camarilla VSS - The Still Watchtower. The rules from the BNS Vampire: The Masquerade book are located begin on page 307 (Downtime Actions) and page 509 (Influence Actions). Also, as per our VSS the following rules are being utilized:

Downtime Rules:
o Downtime actions and Backgrounds (Allies, Contacts, Influences, Resources) refresh at the start of each game.
o Downtimes are due by the Saturday prior to the next scheduled game and affect the time between games.
o All downtime actions are processed simultaneously, except as noted below, and the results will be released prior to the following game.
o The Allies, Contacts and Influences Backgrounds can be used during downtime or during games to a total number of uses equal to the number of dots in the background. The additional Influence actions gained from the Master of Puppets merit can only be used during downtime.
o Retainers each receive a single action, this is not a Downtime action.
o The monthly “liquid cash” from Resources cannot be banked, it simply represents how much cash a character has available to spend each month.
o The order of downtime and influence actions are as follows:
1. Defensive actions are always processed first. Attack actions trigger a defense action if one has been submitted.
2. Influence actions occur before downtime actions, unless the downtime actions are defensive actions, such as patrolling.
3. If there is an issue where the timing of an attack influence action matters, the initiative order is determined by Social + Influence. The character with the highest total has their actions adjudicated first.

Note: Please be aware that some Flaws require you to expend downtime actions to avert bad things from happening. Please ensure you know your flaws and what needs to be spent.

Clarification: Purchases are NOT usable the same downtime cycle they are purchased. Skills and Backgrounds usable in downtime, or granting additional downtime actions, can't be used for such until the following game/downtime.

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Please include your downtime actions here (including any granted by skills, loans, etc). Please enter each action on a different line, and ideally indicate the origin (e.g. Downtime Action #1, Computers Action, Herd Action, etc)
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Allies Actions:
Please include any actions being taken by your Allies background here, noting your specializations.
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Please include any actions being taken by your Contacts background here, noting your specializations.
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Retainer Actions:
Note that Retainers are NOT Allies or Contacts, and cannot themselves perform any action which requires a Downtime Action (including but not limited to Crafting or Patrol actions).
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Experience Spends:
Please list any experience spends here, noting any merits such as Efficient Learner which affect whether or not a purchase requires Downtime Action expenditures.
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