Laptop Borrowing Form - AY 20-21
This is a special purpose Laptop Borrowing Service during the pandemic. The government requires users be at least 21 years of age and not more than 60. Before filling out this form, the user must already have permission to use this service from the Dean and Faculty.
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Guidelines & Policies

Users must be at least 21 years of age and not more than 60.
The user must fill out this form at least 24 hours before the desired schedule.
The user must already have permission to use this service from the Dean and Faculty.
The user will be restricted to use the laptop only in the Annex Building 2nd Floor Reading Area.
The user will use their own XU-Students Wifi credentials to connect the laptop to the network.
The user will surrender their XU-ID card at the Annex Building 2nd Floor Counter to borrow the laptop.

1. Must be a currently enrolled student with no outstanding fines or liabilities.
2. Only one laptop at a time may be borrowed by a student.
3. A laptop may be borrowed for up to 4 consecutive hours but must not be brought outside the library.
4. The laptops are available on a first come first served basis.
5. Upon check-out and return, the device will be examined with the borrower to ensure that all parts are operational.
6. Property stickers must not be defaced, tampered or removed. Malicious intent such as tampering with the laptop and property stickers and deliberate use of viruses and other malware will cause a user to be recommended for disciplinary sanctions.
7. Borrowers should take all precautions for the care and security of borrowed laptop.
8. Users are solely responsible for the security of their personal data or files. Use of external storage devices is recommended.
9. Gaming and accessing adult only sites are strictly prohibited.
10. Any laptop malfunction should be reported immediately to the library personnel.
11. Laptops must be returned in person by the borrower at due time, not later than 11:30AM for morning schedule and by 4:30PM for the afternoon schedule.
12. All components, like carrying cases, power adapters, and cables need to be returned at the same time.
13. Any stored data or information will be erased after the devices are returned. The laptops are reformatted regularly.
14. A borrower is solely responsible for any loss or damage. Replacement costs will be charged as:
• Misuse - P 200 per hour (plus the fraction after) of total use
• Overdue - P 100 per hour (plus the fraction after) of use beyond 4 hours
• Loss or Damage – maximum of P30,000.00 for the laptop but not below P7,500, maximum of P4,000.00 for each accessory but not below P1,000.00
• Suspension of Library privileges until full payment of charges.
I agree to assume full responsibility for the safety and care of the Library equipment during the time that is checked out to me. I will return the equipment on time and to the desk where I checked it out. I agree to be held financially responsible for any damage or loss, including all applicable fines, repair and replacement fees (up to P 34,000) incurred while the equipment is checked out to me. I will not tamper with the hardware or existing software and I understand that I am responsible for removing/transferring any files, software or apps purchased or added to library equipment before returning it.
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