2018 Legarza Summer Coach Application
Looking for a Job that is Fun, Challenging and Rewarding at the same time?

While some might call you a counselor or teacher or childcare specialist, we know that those titles are too limiting for the role you’ll take on this summer with Legarza. We call you coach, in the sense of the original definition – a vehicle to take an important person from where they are to where they want to be.

What’s important to us is how you engage with our campers, families, and fellow staff members. We have a variety of ways you can spend your summer at camp and build marketable skills for your resume at the same time.

We have a variety of ways you can spend your time at camp and build marketable skills for your resume at the same time. Sure, you'll have boasting rights as a Knockout Champion, but you'll also gain group management, communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills. All while forming lifelong friendships, experiencing what it's like to have your very own fan club (every staff member has one) and being part of a program that's reinventing camps for the modern era.

You’ll gain real-world management experience —relationship building, problem solving, leadership, communication, customer service, operations skills & and much more. Not to mention teaching the fundamentals and life lessons sports have to offer along with pie throwing, pyramid building, and Wacky Wednesday. You won’t believe you’re getting paid for it.

Candidates must bring a strong work ethic to the table…this is no cakewalk.

Pay Scales:

Coaches: $12-$15/hour
Directors: $14-$20/hour
Site Directors: $7,500 - $12,500 per summer

Jobs@LegarzaSports.org / 415-334-3333

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