BOW Community Robotics Fee Schedule 2019-2020
Participation Fee includes; $225.00**
Team Uniform (t-shirt, camo pants and 1 pair of safety glasses)
Participation Fee of $115 due upon acceptance to the team
Fee due by: August 15, 2019 for returning members
Participation Fee of $110 due October 1, 2019

Each Student is required to bring in a “Team Contribution” $500.00**
through donations/fundraising due no later than Jan 1, 2020.

These funds cover: NC tournament registration fees, tournament display materials,
tools and BOW Robotics’ share of the Zone costs.

Students who raise over the $500.00 team contribution fee, will receive a discount on NC tournament hotel fees.

Additional Participation Fees that can be incurred (approximate)
Workshops and Training $ 50.00
Team Spirit wear; themed t-shirts, hoodie $ 45.00
Meal Contributions during Build Season

***Competitions (Typical Cost for 1 competition only)
Lodging (per Person x 2 nights) $ 85.00
Travel; van rentals (per Person) $ 40.00
Meals for weekend (note: lodging generally includes
continental breakfast) $ 100.00
Miscellaneous Expenses $ 10.00

Our team will participate in a minimum of three (3) competitions -
two (2) Districts and the State. The above
competition costs should be multiplied by the
number of competitions you plan to attend.

*All fees subject to change depending on sponsorship, grants and student participation
**Participation Fees and Team Contributions are non-refundable
Students not meeting the team contribution requirement will need to make a payment for
balance of non-funded amount
***World Championship Fees are not included in the Fee Schedule
(3-4 nights lodging, transportation, meals, other activities)
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