Business Continuity Risk Assessment
The Business Continuity Risk Assessment Score is a measure of how well an organization is prepared to maintain and defend its current business continuity profile against the unavoidable and accelerating impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), ongoing globalization and competition, emerging markets, competitive analysis, fiduciary responsibility, Leadership and Management capability, and workforce productivity, among others.

Once the assessment is completed and you have calculated the numerical Total score on a separate piece of paper, your answers will be emailed to you with a total points scoring table. The legend provides a way of understanding the numerical score ranging from Little/Low Risk on the low end to Extreme Risk on the high end. This preliminary assessment explores only 20 of 100 variables pertaining to the impact of AI/ML on business continuity, contact us to discuss the impact and insight a full assessment could provide to your organization.

If you would like to discuss a more detailed interpretation of how this report measures your organization's readiness to embrace the impact of AI/ML on your business continuity, please contact us to arrange an appointment; one of our consultants will be happy to spend 30 minutes on a call to interpret the results of your assessment as they apply to your organization.

Contact us through any of the following options:

Tel: +1.800.627.4151

eMail: Info@AIinc.Cloud

Or through our Website at: www.AIinc.Cloud

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