EBRC Volunteer Hours
Rowers are responsible for documenting their own volunteer hours with this form. We hope it will be a useful way to recognize and celebrate the time we all spend supporting EBRC and Oakland Tech.

Reminder: EBRC is a volunteer organization. We depend on our members to volunteer at least 12 hours or more of their time each year. If you do not complete 12 volunteer hours, you may be assessed $25/hour payable to EBRC.

View all form data here: http://bit.ly/EBRC_volunteerdata
Name *
The roster is current as of July 2018.
When did you volunteer? *
How did you volunteer? *
There are many more ways to volunteer than those listed here. We will continue to update the opportunities. In the meantime, add your own in the "Other" option below!
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Round up to the nearest half hour.
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