BlendKit2015 Week02 Webinar: Participant Input
Whether you are participating in a BlendKit2015 webinar in real time or after-the-fact, we would like to make sure that we give every opportunity to get input from all members of our cohort. While viewing the webinar live or via recording, use this form to provide your input on polls, questions/comments for presenters, etc. After submission, a link to all participant responses will appear so that you can see what others think. We'll route questions/comments appropriately so that they can be acted upon.
Poll 01: In my blended course, I believe student interaction will be:
Poll02: In my blended course, I plan to foster student-to-instructor interaction using (Select all that apply):
Poll03: In my blended course, I plan to foster student-to-student interaction using (Select all that apply):
What questions do you have for our guest panelists (Dr. Daniel Faltesek and Dr. Ida Mirzaie)?
Yes, you. Even though you're watching the recording. We'll route these questions to our panelists and distribute responses once compiled.
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What concerns or unanswered questions do you have at this point?
If you need a personal reply, please include your email address. Otherwise, we'll compile all of these responses and take general action as appropriate.
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