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If you'd like to promote your business at no cost to our audiences, please fill out this form.

MonstrARTity produces the following programs and events:

1) #BollywoodMonster Mashup, the largest South Asian festival in Canada with an audience of 60K+ consisting primarily of families and couples aged 19-44;

2) #MonsterArts for Youth, a South Asian arts workshop program for children K-12 in schools across the GTHA;

3) #MonsterArts for Seniors, an arts workshop program offered in multiple languages for South Asian seniors in the Peel Region;

4) #MonsterArts for Survivors, an arts workshop program offered in multiple languages for diverse women in shelters across the GTHA;

5) #MonsterArtist Development, an artist entrepreneurship program that helps South Asian artists aged 19-35 across the GTHA create & market content online

Here's how you can promote your business:
1. Provide information about your business and create a coupon-style offer by filling out this form.
2. We'll put your offer in our "Goodie Package" and we'll promote it year-round. We'll also provide you with a "Goodie Package" redemption code that you can promote to direct people to your offer.

Because this package will be promoted year-round, we recommend that you make your offer valid for a minimum of three months.
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