The Menders Directory
This is an application form for inclusion in the Menders Directory on --the first public list of menders who take commissions. It is a simple directory for people who need mends to find and commission the service they need. It will be housed on my new site, launching in April [Edit: DELAYED owing to you-know-what], and will be publicized in various ways, including in my book, "MEND! A Refashioning Manual and Manifesto," to be published by Penguin in September. It is a labor of love; there is no cost to anybody (except to me, Kate!)

Commercial platforms such as Instagram and Etsy are currently the only source for such services. These are for-profit enterprises that operate outside of (or even counter to) the spirit of mending, and are hard to search. I know this because I'm constantly being asked to recommend menders!

This is primarily for hand sewn visible mends, but those who do alterations, utility mends, mending by machine, or invisible mending are also welcome. And, just like the new mending movement itself, the Directory operates worldwide.

Do add thoughts, suggestions, etc in the COMMENTS sections, or email me at (and please forgive me if slow to respond. Which is horribly likely).

Thank you for mending!


Kate Sekules
MendyKate @visiblemend
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