Grown with SC Compost Sign Request
Thank you for your interest in our Grown with SC Compost signage for your gardens and green spaces, helping to make the invisible visible to the public. In order to be eligible to utilize the Grown with SC Compost sign, please fill out the form below and include a complete list of the sources of SC compost that are used by your facility. SC compost must have also been applied on the area in the last 24 months. Compost is defined as the product resulting from the controlled biological decomposition of organic material that has been sanitized through the generation of heat and stabilized to the point that it is beneficial to plant growth. Compost must utilize the seal of testing assurance standard as defined by the US Composting Council.

The 8x10in signs are metal and stand on a 3 ft metal pole. Signs should be placed in areas of the gardens that have public access to maximize visibility. Please send a picture of your signage placement upon delivery to If you have any additional questions, please contact Anna DeLage of the SC Department of Commerce at (803) 237-8447.

Thank you for your request!
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Sample Sign 1
Sample Sign 2: If you are interested in Sample Sign 2 please send a high resolution logo to 
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Please provide a list of the SC compost types used at your facility (i.e. for bulk compost, provide the name of the company or if using bagged compost amendment, provide the company or brand of soil amendment used).
I certify that SC compost has been applied at my facility in the last 24 months.
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Don't Waste Food SC
The Grown with SC Compost sign is an extension of the Don't Waste Food SC campaign, a partnership whose goal is to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030 and is a joint effort of the South Carolina Department of Commerce and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.
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