Registered Supportive Recovery Assisted Living Residences - Training Bursary Fund
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As part of a broad initiative to strengthen the quality, consistency and accountability of supportive recovery services in British Columbia (BC), the Community Action Initiative (CAI) has established a Training Bursary Fund to provide funding for individual staff and operators from eligible agencies to participate in courses, workshops, certificate programs or other formal training opportunities offered through post-secondary institutions or not-for-profit organizations in BC. This funding is intended to support existing registered supportive recovery assisted living residence operators to meet new requirements for employee qualifications and staff training.

Proposed training must include knowledge or skill development that will enhance the staff member’s ability to support clients with substance use challenges and meet new regulatory training requirements for all staff to have a minimum of 20 hours of training collectively in the following categories:
• Counselling
• Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution
• Psychosocial Intervention for Substance Use Disorders
• Trauma-Informed Practice
Bursary funding will be provided to agencies within the Province of BC that have applied for registration or are registered supportive recovery assisted living residences. Funding will be awarded to the agency itself, not the individual staff member or volunteer taking the training.

Courses must be offered by a post-secondary institution, health authority, or not-for-profit organization. Eligible operators may apply for a maximum of $8,000 in bursary funds per residence based on the number of units of the residence.

• Residences registered for 4-10 units are may apply for up to $4,000
• Residences registered for 11-30 units may apply for up to $6,000
• Residence registered for 30+ units may apply for up to $8,000

Eligible costs include: course costs, required course training material, travel costs and backfill staffing costs.
Please review the Support Recovery Assisted Living Residences - Application Guide for more details. To review please cllick on the link below.

Questions about the training bursary may be directed to Mira Farrage, Program Manager of Grants and Community Funding at:
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